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Spend Smarter. Work Smarter.

SWYM is the media industry’s first toolset specifically designed to help you Stop Wasting Your Money aka SWYM

SWYM is purpose-built to bring enhanced automation and AI-driven decisioning into media operations and optimization, increasing performance and efficiency without the need to add complexity or continually grow resources.

Work Smarter
Workflow Automation
Spend Smarter
Intelligent Optimization

Learn.  Curate.  Optimize.  


Today’s spend optimization approaches have serious limitations. Spend Smarter with intelligent learning and decisioning integrated into both the buy-side & sell-side.


  • ‘Smart’ Bid Decisioning

  • ‘Smart’ Inventory Curation

  • ‘Smart’ Audience Optimization

  • Bi-Directional, Learning DSP/SSP Feedback

  • More…

Smart Optimizations.
Big Impact.

Connect.  Simplify.  Automate.


Even the best adtech tools and teams have trouble connecting and working seamlessly. Work Smarter through workflow and ad-ops simplification and automation.

  • Automate AdOps Processes

  • Automate Taxonomy Management

  • Automate Inclusion/Exclusion Lists

  • Automate Alerts with Actions

  • More…

Smart Automations.
Big Savings.


So You Can 'Do More With Less'.

More than ever, agencies and in-house media teams are under increasing pressure to ‘do more with less’, expected to deliver high-quality work faster, at better value, with agility. A tall task, especially for those playing by old rules, with disconnected data pipes and difficult-to-scale processes.    


Play by old rules

Disconnected data pipes

Unscalable processes & manual work 

Missed opportunities to save $$

Rethink "How" with SWYM

New rules, new “how” 

Automate, automate, automate

AI for ‘smart’ workflow & optimization

Integrate best practices into tools

It’s time for a new approach that intelligently integrates workflow automation and AI-driven optimization to supercharge performance while reducing resource requirements.  

It’s SWYM Time.


Use One, Use Many. Configure to Your Needs or Build New Ones.

SWYM consists of an evolving array of best-in-class Workflow and Spend Optimization modules, designed to leverage smart automation and AI to simplify, standardize and accelerate key actions and decisions – increasing performance without the need to grow resources.

Ad Ops
Workflow Modules
Spend Optimization
"Smart" Bid Decisioning   
"Smart" Supply Curation
"Smart" Audience Optimization
"Smart" MFA Mitigation
PMP Validation and Make Goods
TV Validation and Make Goods
Automated Ads-Ops Setup
Automated Taxonomy Management
Tech Stack Connectivity
Automated Inclusion/Excl Lists
Automated Invoice Reconciliation
Automated Alerts w/ Action


SWYM is Built to Drive Effectiveness. Efficiencies. KPI Impact.

Ad Optimization
Boost KPI Performance

SWYM leverages next-gen approaches such as smart bidding, dynamic inventory curation, and always-on learning to boost KPIs by 30%+

Buy Transparent & Direct

SWYM inventory is bought directly and transparently based on ads.txt & sellers.json and focused on top performers, waste is reduced with less spend on poor performing placements.

Reduce Information Asymmetry

SWYM is built into both the buy-side (DSP) and the sell side (SSP), increasing intelligence, enhancing the buyer’s ability to make smarter, more informed bid/buy/optimize decisions. 

Optimize Efficiencies

With automation and AI at the core, campaign setup and optimization is simplified, streamlined and enhanced while, reducing resource requirements.

Workflow Automation
Upscale Your Teams

Reduce menial tasks and allow your teams to do real work, thinking work, not busy work as SWYM automates steps that have been manual to date.

Drive Process Efficiencies 

You can ‘do more with less.’  By connecting tools through simple automations, teams can get more done with less effort and rework.

Reduce Mistakes

Fat-finger mistakes can be costly. With process automation at the core, SWYM will reduce manual work, rework and errors.

Amplify Consistency

No more “everyone does it differently.” Let SWYM create connectors between tools and processes that enable consistent execution and delivery.

Curated Supply Path Optimization™ (C-SPO)

Flagship Module

Current media spend optimization approaches have serious limitations.  

SWYM C-SPO is the solution, supercharging performance and delivery through automation and intelligence.


With the introduction of Curated Supply Path optimization (C-SPO), SWYM is transforming the way advertisers identify, bid and buy top performing programmatic media. With C-SPO, it’s no longer a buy-side only, one-way approach to supply path optimization.  Instead, SWYM has partnered with premium SSP platforms to empower buyers with a bi-directional, learning feedback loop across the buy side (DSP) and sell side (SSP) platforms— driven by smart automation and AI — that dynamically curates and optimizes bids to ensure you bid and win a disproportionate share of top performing inventory.  


Limited access to % fraction of SSP supply

Does not actively curate inventory to send to DSP

Cannot avoid costly middlemen, SSP hops

Same bid pricing algorithm for all

Does not ensure ads.txt/sellers.json support

Optimization is at DSP, one way only

PMPs are static, non-learning, poorly managed

SPO (Today)
Curated Supply Path Optimization

Direct access to 100% of SSP supply (~5x supply)

Dynamic curation of top inventory

Buys direct from pubs; no middlemen, no extra hops

Smart bidding to pay ‘right’ price

Buys transparently based on ads.txt &sellers.json

Optimization is bi-directional between DSP & SSP

CSPO is dynamic, always learning, and managed by


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